My salary

Today it dawned on me that I might make $6,000 this year.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Entering into entrepreneurship provided me with an 88% pay cut. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I laugh to the point of tears because that’s ridiculous.  I don’t know how it’s possible for me to be this poor, and this content, but it’s happening. It’s difficult, of course. I often have no idea how I’m going to get food, or pay bills.  But that’s not why I did this. Nothing about quitting my job to help take care of my grandfather and start my own organization said financial security. What it did feel, was right.  What it whispered to me between my fits of laughter was, “You’ll be okay.  This decision is not for the now, but for the someday. For the eventually.” 

Something I’m working on between writing, editing, interviewing, and living is not dwelling on what I can’t define.  I can’t define or foresee my future. I can only put things in place now, and hope that they’ll come to fruition to my benefit.


Currently Reading:

Wilderness, Race, and African Americans: An Environmental History from Slavery to Jim Crow by Michael Starkey


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